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Care Tips and Tricks

As you indulge in the beautiful Spring weather, don't forget about your custom fine jewelry! JM has great tips on how to properly care and maintain the durability, shine, and excellence of your favorite pieces.

● To avoid entangling or scratches, keep your fine jewelry in its orginal case and/or box.

● Put your jewelry on after dressing, and be sure to have clean, dry skin.  

● Use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your purchase looking pristine

● Tired of losing earrings? Wear stoppers on earring wires and backs that come with earposts.      

● Avoid wearing fine jewelry in the shower or tub.

● Clean pearls after wear with a damp or dry clean, soft, chemicalfree microfiber cloth.      

● Be careful not to catch or pull fine jewelry,­ it can break.